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Why Lingotics?
One of the things that sets us apart is our fair income system. We value the hard work and dedication that our teachers put into every lesson. Another feature is the high standard of education quality which is supervised by head teachers. Lingotics offers teachers not only advanced teaching techniques, but also the opportunity to improve their own skills.
Build your own audience
Reputable online teaching presence attracts new students, peers, and potential employers.
Find new students
Lingotics’ marketing expertise, networking and high-quality services attract students globally.
Be a part of a fair income system
Set your own prices for your time and expertise as an online language teacher.
Work whenever you want
Adjust your work-life balance on your own terms with a flexible schedule
Everywhere is your classroom
Teach from any location with an internet connection using only a computer and headset.
Safety and Security
Lingotics guarantees payment for your teaching services and resolving student issues.
“At Lingotics, we’re committed to creating the best possible teaching environment for our teachers.”Dr. Gaele Macfarlane, Lingotics Head Teacher PhD in Education, focusing on “ The Professional Development of English Language Teachers”.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you describe the experience of teaching on Lingotics?
Teaching on Lingotics is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. As a teacher, you can expect to have fair income, flexible working hours, and access to quality students who are motivated to learn. The platform offers a user-friendly experience with experienced teachers providing supervision and effective resolving any student issue that may arise. Overall, teaching on Lingotics can be a fulfilling and flexible way to share your knowledge and skills with students from around the world.
Can you explain the process on Lingotics for language instructors?
Lingotics is an online marketplace that connects language students with language teachers. The platform is supervised by experienced head teachers to ensure a high level of quality for both students and teachers. After your registration is reviewed and approved, you will be listed in the Lingotics Teacher directory and can be contacted by students to schedule online language lessons via Skype or Zoom. Lingotics handles all aspects of the teaching process, including marketing, payment, and student management, so all you need to focus on is teaching.
Does it cost to be a teacher on Lingotics?
No, there is no cost to apply to be a teacher on Lingotics. If you are accepted as a teacher, you will earn Lingotics credits that can be converted to cash and can be withdrawn anytime.
How can I receive payment?
We have set up a payment option to make it easy for our teachers, who come from different parts of the world, to receive payment. You will get paid through your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which is a standardized format for identifying bank accounts internationally.
What equipment is necessary to teach on Lingotics?
To teach on Lingotics, you will need a computer or tablet with an internet connection, a headset with a microphone, and a webcam. You will also need a free VOIP program, such as Skype or Zoom. That’s all.
I still have some questions about becoming a teacher on Lingotics
If you have additional questions about teaching on Lingotics, you can consult the Teacher Guidelines section on the website. This tool includes helpful tutorials, teaching tips, and other information for Lingotics teachers. If you still have questions, feel free to send an email to
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